In May We Pray For Our Church


Grace Barker, Kelly McFarland (ASP), Priscilla Milton (ASP), Lindsay Scoggins (Preschool), Joy Sultan (Preschool)


Brad Hughes (Session), Suzanne Collins (Diaconate)


Faith Development Ministry


May 1-7

Don Denhoff, Bill and Marilynn Devine, Rose Diale, Julie Dioh, Chamblyn    Dudley 

May 8-14

Blake and Jean Dudley (Ethan), David and Betty Dundee, Eric Dunlap, Jane Dysart, Randy and Sharon Ellis (Alaina)

May 15-21

Nannette Enloe, Lars and Jennifer Ennerberg (Ian, Rowan), Kathy Farnon, Matt and Jessica Farnon (Jackson, Audrey), Vernon and Becky Ferguson

Mayy 22-31

Bonnie Floyd, Rob and Brandy Forbes (Tripp, Clayton), Rich and Rhonda Gaffoglio, Trey and Beth Gaines (Margaret, Meredith), Jessica Gardner (Patrick)