In January We Pray For Our Church


Alan Stein, Jennifer Graves (ASP), Heather Henderson (ASP), Makayla Martin (Preschool), Jennifer Belisle (Preschool)


Perry Rentz (Session), Beth Weathersby (Diaconate)

Mission and Service Ministry


January 1-7

Paul and Rhonda Wachsmuth, Jan Wadkins, Cathy Wall, Chip and Lauren Warlick (Scarlett), John and Penny Waters

January 8-14

Kenzie Waters, Frank and Beth Weathersby, Allen Weirick, Jared Whatley (Olivia), Jeanne Whatley

January 15-21

Ross and Charlotte Whatley, Floy White, Peggy White, LaRue Whitehead, David and Jeannette Wilkins

January 22-31

Earl and Marie Williamson, Lewey Williamson (Aaron), Hannah Wilson, Randy and Diane Wrinkle, John and Peggy Zierer