In November We Pray For Our Church


Inna Sanchez, Judy Forsyth (ASP), Emma Freeman (ASP), Joy Sultan (Preschool), Louisa Thacker (Preschool)


Jean Gilliland (Session), Melinda Mauney (Diaconate)


Faith Development


November 1-7

Ryan and Hannah Salter, Pam Schilling, Dale and Janice Searles, Margaretta Shaw, Chris and Renee Shields (Grace, Mya, Christopher)

November 8-14
Nancy Shipley, Betty Sime, Jerry Simmons, Matt and Sheilah Simons, Robert and Cindy Sims
November 15-21

Joyce Smith, Marion Smith, Nona Smith, Wyley and Judy Steed, David Steinken and Nancy Kelly (Katie, Owen, Will, Gracie)

November 22-30

Chad and Kerry Stough (Madelaine), Terry and Janet Strange, Charlotte Sullins, Wes and Sharon Sullins (Sam, Jake, Eric), Jeanine Tarver