In September We Pray For Our Church:


Pam Radford, Donna Duncan (ASP), Sue Elder (ASP), Rosemary Purdy (Preschool), Carol Ries (Preschool)

Trey Gaines (Session), Don Longhurst (Diaconate)

Worship Ministry


September 1-7

Bob and Anita Meadows, Dave and Courtney Meckley (Gracie), Marcia
Mein, Tom and Molly Mendenhall, Deb Miller

September 8-14:  
S. B. Moore, David Morris, Jim Morris, John and Lisa Morrison (Thomas, Peter,
Caroline), Linda Motuba (Sofia)
September 15-21
Emmanuel and Linda Mukete (Rowan, James), Chris and Mary Mullinax (Katie,
Brayden, Pearse), Sonny and Lisa Neal (Amanda), Tom and Jennifer Nebergall (Lee, Logan), Carey and Terry Nelson
September 22-30

Lonnie and Dorothy Nelson (Meleeza), Joe and Carolyn Noble, Billy and Sonya
Noble (Will, Jake), Ellyn Olson (Grey, Eden), Peter Olson